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it's photoshop
10 months ago   

Sorry it took this long for us to post a new resource pack. We have been incredibly busy with uni and high school, busy like never before, it’s insane! But finally, here it is! We bring a ten gif psds pack.

Includes psds for movies (tried on City Of Bones, Now You See Me, Stuck In Love, The Amazing Spiderman and Madagascar for animation) and for tv shows (tried on American Horror Story, New Girl, Game Of Thrones, Teen Wolf and Misfits). General use though (◕‿◕✿)

  • Like or reblog the post if you download this pack
  • Don’t claim these psds as yours, though credit is not necessary
  • Feel free to edit, add or delete layers
  • Download at (.zip) or deviantart (.zip) - wait 5 seconds <3

We hope you like it!

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