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So we have received tons of tutorial requests for this kind of coloring, I’m sorry it took this long to make a tutorial about it but I had to figure out how to color like this while doing it. So yeah. It’s basically the coloring we tag under /color porn

I’m going to explain the three colorings I’ve made: yellow/orange, blue and weird pink.

1. Yellow/orange coloring

The base I’m using for all of the gifs is the same: Brightness/Contrast, Curves and a black and white Gradient Map set to Soft Light, this time set to 30% opacity. These adjustment layers (which affect the light of the scene) depend on the show/movie/video you are editing.

That’s the “evolution”. The gradient map gives contrast to the gif, that’ll be useful when we add layers set to Lighten, because the dark parts of the scene will change their colors too.

Selective Color time! It’s taking years for me to understand how this adjustment layers work. I seem stupid every time I have to give an explanation on how to use them.

The colors I work on are most of the times the first ones of the list, I usually don’t go any further. The rest scare me.

When we pick Reds and decrease Cyan what happens is that the red parts of the scene stand out. When Cyan is 0%, reds stay as they originally are. If we increased Cyan, they’d turn more blue. As we decrease Cyan they turn more red (the opposite of cyan).

When we increase Magenta, the mangentas of the gif stand out.

Same with Yellows. The yellows stay in the gif as they originally are, so when we decrease Cyan, they turn more yellow (if we did the opposite, they’d turn more blue - well green since the gif is quite greenish). I increased Magenta to emphasize magentas and decreased Yellow to remove yellows a little bit.

I asure you that’s the best my explaination can be lol

I also added a bit more of light using Levels (higher value is 255 and I changed it to 233):

Here comes the color editing part. First of all we have to think which color we want to give to our gifs; I picked yellow and orange here, so I put some oranges in my color picker and created a new gradient map. Remember: always darker color as foreground and lighter as background.

This is how it looks like with no blending or opacity modifications:

And here’s set to Screen 40%:

Now I added a new solid color fill layer, yellow #e9d96c set to Lighten 10% it’s quite difficult to work with fill layers and get them to look good, that’s why my opacity is so low. Because I haven’t figured it out. Yet.

Next, new gradient fill (not map) layer, same foreground orange as before, and these settings:

I added one more gradient map (not fill), this time pink-ish, and set it to Lighten 50% Opacity and 70% Fill. I never use this option because I don’t see the difference between Fill and Opacity, but seemed proffesional. My last layer was Selective Color again, I’ll show you the settings in case you want to keep reasearching how it works.

2. Blue-ish coloring

Light base is the same as before. I added a Selective Color right after, see the settings are not the ones I used in the previous gif. This time I decreased all yellows, so magentas stand out.

I created a gradient map, Lighten 30%.

Next I tried something different from the gradient fill I added before. Instead of using a radial gradient, I created a new layer, selected a circle using the Elliptical Marquee Tool (in the topbar I entered Feather: 20px it’s okay to enter even a higher value). Select > Inverse, and new solid blue fill layer, Screen 70%

New solid color fill layer, dark blue #095f85 Lighten 75% and new gradient fill; Screen 40% Opacity and 80% Fill. Settings:

Lastly, +40 Vibrance layer.

3. Pink/purple-ish coloring

Same Brightness/Contrast, Curves and first Selective Color layer as in 2. This new purple fill layer #71416e Lighten 40% turns blacks into different colors (this time purple) as I said after the three first pictures in 1.

Pink-ish gradient map set to Screen 30% and black and white gradient map Soft Light 40% to add more contrast.

Finally, Selective Color again:

Increasing Cyan means the gif will have magentas because of the previous layers we have added, not because of this selective color. If we decreased Cyan, the gif’s magentas would stand out way too much. This way the gif is more purple and less pink. If you want it to be more pink, just decrease Cyan.

Decreasing Magenta doesn’t make magentas disappear but makes the gif lighter (magentas of the gif become clearer). Less Yellow brings out purples too.

I hope you guys understood! In short, what you have to do here is create a light base and then add gradient maps and gradient fills, solid color fills are more an optional thing. Selective Color is very important to bring out colors you want to highlight (or make others go away).

We will be sharing these three psds in our next resource pack, which is coming soon ;)

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