it's photoshop, Super-huge-massive giffing tutorial by morgrana
it's photoshop

Super-huge-massive giffing tutorial by morgrana

This is the gif I’ll be showing you how to make and colour


These are what you’ll need

  • KM Player (it’s free, download it here)
  • Photoshop CS6 (windows - mac) (CS5 will be fine but I’m using CS6)
  • Keepvid (it’s free and online) to download videos directly if you’re not capping using KMplayer

These are what you’ll need

  • KM Player (it’s free, download it here)
  • Photoshop CS6 (windows - mac) (CS5 will be fine but I’m using CS6)
  • Keepvid (it’s free and online) to download videos directly if you’re not capping using KMplayer
  2. Find a video you want to use, go to keepvid, copy and paste the url and click download. You should ALWAYS choose the highest MP4 option and just click "download MP4"image
  3. If you’re using a video, it’s best to keep it a short video like 1-10 minutes or it will be hell to find the scene. Go ”File”, “Import”, “Video Frames to Layers” and choose your video. This window should pop up: imagemake sure if you’re making a 245px wide gif that the "limit to every" option is unclicked so you will have a smooth gif but if you’re making a 500px wide gif then make it "limit to every 2 frames" and make sure "make frame animation" is highlighted and use the arrows that I circled to select the bit you want to gif.
  4. delete the frames you don’t want by holding down shift to select more than one frame then just hit backspace
  5. You can just go to step 14 now for how to actually gif & colour


  1. Firstly, create a folder in your Pictures folder and name it something like "caps" or "screencaps" or "gif stuff" this saves a lot of time later on
  2. Open the KMplayer and either open your downloaded episode or DVD. You can download episodes and movies from this angel but he’s deleting them all slowly but you can just search "doctor who masterpost" or "doctor who download" in the tumblr tags and links should appear
  3. Now, if you’re using a DVD, you will need to change the settings in the KM player to make sure you can gif. Just follow these instructions
  4. Now that you are able to gif, click Ctrl+G to open the capping window. This window should appear and these are the settings you should use: image
  5. At the top where it says “extract to” click the folder button and choose the folder that you made at the beginning image
  6. Find the scene you want to gif and click "start" where you want to start capping and once the scene is done, click "Stop"
  7. Now the capping is done, we can open them up in photoshop and start giffing
  8. Open Photoshop and click "File", "Scripts" and then "Load multiple DICOM files" image then this window should appear and choose your folder that has the caps in it then click okay image
  9. Now all your caps are set as layers, you need to click "Create Frame Animation"  image
  10. Then click the drop down button on the right and choose "Make frames from layers" image
  11. Then click the first frame, hold down "shift" and click the last frame to highlight all the frames and click the number on any of the frames and choose other 
  12. image
  13. If you chose to cap every frame, make the time delay something like 0.06 but if you chose every other frame, choose a time delay of 0.12 or something like that. But I used every frame so I’m using 0.06 image
  14. With all the frames still highlighted, click the drop down button and this time choose "convert to timeline" image
  15. Then click the first layer on the right and hold down Ctrl+Alt+A until all the layers are highlighted and click the drop down button and click the "convert to smart object" button image
  16. Now it’s time to crop the gif. Click the crop button and use the corners and sides to crop it then hit "Enter"image
  17. Then go to Image, Image size and change the width to 245px and make sure "Constrain Proportions" is checked or the gif will look squishedimage
  18. This is the gif so far. Pretty ugly I know. image
  19. Now I use my action that I made downloadable here or if you don’t want to use an action, just go to filters, sharpen, smart sharpen and use these settings: image
  20. ONTO THE COLOURING WOO YES. Firstly let’s add some curves to her. I tend to only use one little dot thing and I usually place it where the almost mountain looking lines have a spike because that’s where the lightest bits are. I always find it better to make the gif brighter than it should be so when you darken it in the next steps it’s not too darkimage
  21. Then add a black and white gradient and set the blending mode from “Normal” to "soft light" and put the opacity down to 50 or 60% image
  22. Now we add a levels layer to add more deepness to the gif. You should mainly use the darkest arrow on the left and slide it over to 10 or 30. If you use too much of the white arrow on the left it can make your gif quite yellow and no one wants that. These are my settings image
  23. and this is my gif so far       image
  24. We now add another curves layer but this time in the shape of an “S”. Make the bottom point just under the diagonal line and the top dot just over the diagonal line. this adds more contrast to the gif. image
  25. We now add a vibrance layer. I normally only use vibrance up to 50% but this gif was really desaturated to I had to use vibrance to the max and 5% of saturation. (Don’t make it too saturated or it will look ugly)imagebut now this has made my gif really yellow so we have to fix thatimage
  26. We now open the Selective Colour. Selective colour is like a gift from the gods. Here are all my settings and why: image here’s my gif now image
  27. We could probably finish there because it looks nice there but I think her skin looks too green so I added another curves layer and this time I used the colours and the RGB settings. image and now my gif looks darker and prettier like this image
  28. Then I added a colour balance because I wanted the darker colours to be more blue and not orange but I wanted her hair to be more red without her face looking too red too. here are my settings image
  29. Then I added one last curves layer to make the whole gif brighter image
  30. My last colouring step was one last selective colour to make the blacks bluer and the neutrals more pink and to just increase the blues all around image
  31. Now we need to save this piece of art. Go to “File”, “Save for Web” and use these settings: image


So in 5 easy steps:

  1. Curves
  2. gradient + levels
  3. selective colour
  4. colour balance

I made this into a psd so live your dreams but you better have read this and not just scrolled to the bottom to get the psd or I will find you. download


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