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  • Tutorial asked by controlyourface and anons
  • I use Photoshop CS5 & CS6
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This tutorial includes millions of several examples after the cut.

I’m explaining how to add text to gifs: not subtitles but other styles such as in the previews. Let’s go!

First of all we make our gif, sharpen and add coloring. This kind of text goes well on 245px and 500px width gifs. This time my gifs are 245px width and between 245 and 150px height.

There’s a lot of things we can play with when it comes to typography, as I explained in this tutorial: size, font style, font weight, font decoration, alignment, rotation, color, duplication, opacity, blending modes and layer styles.

Style 1
where text is big and accentuated

This is personally the one I like the most.

Pick the Type Tool and open a box as wide as the gif. Select a centered alignment in the Paragraph window and type your text in one or several lines. For this style you must choose a solid font, Sans Serif font (x) mine is Intro. Others are:

- Airplane / Archive / Bebas Neue / Bemio / Coolvetica / Cubano / Ranger

My settings were very simple. This style is super easy and always looks good. Things you need to have in mind:

  • Text color. I personally adore black, white and grey scale. Specially white always looks good and if it is visible I will always pick it over any other color. You can always use the color picker to poke on a colored part of the gif and use its color.

  • Context. This is very important *bolds* *italics* *underlines* *uppercases* There are fonts people usually pick to add in this kind of gifs and I could have used one of those, but the scene I chose and the quote, well, they are quite macabre. That’s why I’m not using Serif. Fonts talk by themselves sometimes and we need to be able to adapt them to the scene we are giffing *words of wisdom*

Besides I added Drop Shadow. These are the settings I use most of the times, variating the Distance sometimes:

Other examples:

Font is Lobster. what’s going on that I’m only picking death-related scenes Even though it’s about death again, the “atmosphere” is different. If you have seen both movies you’ll understand. So we can use other kinds of fonts in here, for example:

- Legion Slab / Nouvelle Vague / Pacifico / Sofia / Soopafresh / RiotSquad / Thorem / Vitrina

These are my text settings (notice the space between line breaks is smaller than default) and these are my Drop Shadow settings.

Font is Pacifico italic. These are my Drop Shadow settings.

Style 2
where text covers the entire gif

For this style we need to pick a scene where the quote is more important than the visual part.

There are two ways of covering the gif using text: by big text or by a paragraph.

So of course the quote for big text needs to be short. The font I used is BrushtipC, it’s quite illegible but goes good with this kind of gifs. Others:

- Be There Soon / Brushed / Face Your Fears / Gabriel Weiss Friends / Loremipsun / Painted / Pirmokas / Praying Angel / Reklame / Rolina / Xtreem / Zombie Checklist

Our goal here is getting the text to cover almost the entire gif, so we need to enter a specific text size, space between lines and space between letters. This is what I did.

Here I put a longer quote. I created a type box as wide as the canvas, then poke the left and right borders to leave a margin in both sides, also balanced spaces in top and bottom. I justified the text like this   These were my Drop Shadow settings: decreased opacity, enough to help with the visibility but not too accentuated. Font is Bebas Neue.

Style 3
where text is small and is placed in the middle of the gif

Settings for this text are the same as the previous’. Font is Arial Black. I know I’m stuck with white all the time but I just love it lol I recommend this style, looks really good for my liking.

As you can see in the following examples, you can add a main line and a subline in the same gif, using the same font or different ones; leaving the same size or variating it.

Font is Coolvetica.

Font are Pacifico and Arvil.

Font is Neou (First line Thin, second line Bold).

Fonts like this (for main text and/or subtitles) are:

- Chelsea / Couture / Fragmentcore / Infinity / Movie Letters / Ostrich / Revolution / Telegrafico / Vevey

Notice that we always pick a centered alignment unless we are typing a paragraph.

Style 4
where text is small

  • Serif

Fonts are Times and Georgia (italic in first line), both defaults. Here we have centered text in both examples; in the first one we enter a few line breaks so it looks like a “cloud” and in the second one we enter different sizes, styles and lengths. Drop Shadow settings here.

We can also type a longer text, enter bigger space between lines and make it work as a narration (adding capital letters, commas, quotation marks; I mean, no spelling errors as in the previous gifs). Font stills Georgia italic.

I also pushed both sides borders so the text wouldn’t be too close to the left and right edges:

  • Sans Serif

Sans Serifs “feel the need” to be aligned with something. Like, if they are not in the middle, they need to be close to the sides.

That’s why this time I placed my text in a corner of the gif and added a line next to it. Seems like they need some balance, so Serifs are usually better and easier to use.

Font: Century Gothic bold. Drop Shadow (x)

Inspiration 1
where text covers the gif and we cut it and add a sub-line

Font is Homestead. This time alignment is not important since we are rotating and manually placing the text. For placing you need to have in mind where the elements of the gif are during the whole time. Notice that in the example Cillian’s mouth never “touches” the text.

For cutting the words you need to rasterize both layers and pick the Polygonal Lasso Tool, make a selection and go Edit > Clear. Go back in History to re-do the selection as many times as you need (x)

Font of “looks that way” is Century Gothic (same as in the post previews). You can duplicate “exile” layer and type in there so the rotation will be equal or just open a new type box and do it by the naked eye.

Inspiration 2
where text has colors from the gif

We place our text in the center as always, and since my gif is clear I had to use Drop Shadow and Stroke to give visibility to the white text. This is important: sometimes layer styles look better than picking a color different from the one you want to put.

Font is Coolvetica. These are my Drop Shadow settings and I picked a green from the courtain.

Font is Revolution. These are my Stroke settings and I picked a color from the gif too.

Font is Bemio. These are my Drop Shadow settings.

So that was it! I hope this tutorial helped everyone who asked for it and inspired everyone else. It’s not hard at all, you only have to type your text, centered most of the times, so I guess this post works as a guide for you to get ideas.
Happy editing!

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