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  • Tutorial by itsphotoshop.
  • I use Photoshop CS6.
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So people have been asking for this for a while and i’ve decied to make a tutorial. I’ve made the shapes for you. If you want them smaller, just change the size (Image > Image size).

[ shape ]
  • Step 1. So first of all make the gifs. One of them has to be 245x245px and the other one whatever you want. The shape i gave you i’ts 245px too, but i’ve changed its size to 140px, so my gif’s size it’s gonna be 145x145px (idk why i just feel like making it a little bit bigger than the shape).  Remember: both gifs need to have the same number of frames and delay.
    You don’t have to do anything special with the big gif, just convert to timeline, sharpen, add an action, a psd, and whatever.


  • Step 2. Go to the circle shape and change it’s size to whatever size your small gif is. Then drag it to the small gif and put it under all the layers. Right click in the psd > Ungroup layers.


  • Step 3. Select all the layers except the circle shape > right click > create clipping mask. Now the gif should be inside the circle and little arrows should appear nex to all the layers.



  • Step 4. Select all the layers (including the circle shape) and drag them to the big gif.

[ shape ]

For this you have to make 2 gifs of 245x123px. It’s exactly the same as with the circle. One of them stays in its canvas and you move the other one to it.

The difference is that in one of the gifs you have to go to Image > Canvas size > change the height to 245px and in the anchor, click on the middle top or bottom arrow (it depends on where you want your gif to be, in the bottom of the top of the canvas).


Then go to the other gif and repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 like with the circle but with the rectangle shape.

[ shape 1 ] [ shape 2 ]

For this one you have to make 2 gifs 245x245px. In one of them you only do the usual sutff (action, psd…) and in the other one you repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 using one of the triangle shapes.

Posted on Jun 25, 2013
Tagged: #tutorial #tutorials #photoshop tutorial #gif tutorial #stuff #our tutorials #by adriana #photoshop cs6 #adobe photoshop

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