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  • A few people asked how to make a tumblr header
  • This is a tutorial on basically how to graphic, pretty simple tho
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Larger example: [HEADER]

How to make a Tumblr header

1. First of all, we choose our dimensions. Mine are 650x300px. Normally they depend on the theme you are using; you can find themes with headers here. So File > New and enter those height&width. My background color is always white whenever I start a new graphic.

2. Usually, these backgrounds have a main picture and everything else (smaller images and textures) goes behind it. This is my main picture and what I do now is change its height to 300px, as the header, and sharpen it in its own canvas. Now I drag it to the header canvas and start cutting it out [tutorial] This is how it looks after one or two times of tedious cutting. For the hair, which is harder to cut, I use the Eraser Tool (x) The size of it depends on you, this step is all manual. For curly hair, more complicated, check this tutorial. Works great!

The background color I chose comes from the hair. This way, I disguise the parts whose cut is worse than others. I mean, i.e. the arms have been easier to cut than the top of the head, so I chose as bg a color that is in the top of the head. Also I added coloring - it’s not a psd, I colored it myself. (x)

3. Now comes the hardest part for me to explain. This step consists basically on adding textures behind the main picture. It’s impossible for me to tell you exactly what I did, how I placed them, etc because that is one’s own choice, but I can tell you which textures I used and how I used them (in ascendent order - the percentages always refer to the opacity):

  • This grid texture in the background. Multiply / 15%
  • This watercolor texture in Multiply / 20% - I don’t know where this texture came from, so all the rights reserved to the owner and I’m sorry. I will put the credit if I find it or somebody tells me.
  • One watercolor texture from this pack, the one with the four purple lines. Multiply / 100%
  • This texture by lutherwest (I think) goes behind Jen because yes. This texture goes Multiply & 100% and I also created a Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Brightness/Contrast (and I create a clipping mask so the layer will only affect this texture and not the whole graphic) to make its background clearer. My settings are 42/100, but it depends on the texture.

I will make a pause here because I did one thing you may would like to know. This following step can be done before or after the previous one, it doesn’t matter:

4. I duplicate the Jen picture and select the one below the other. I go Layer > Layer Style > Color Overlay and enter #FFFFFF (white) Now I go Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur (x) and I set 40% opacity.

I’m telling you this because the last texture I shared previously goes on top of this duplicated image but under the “original” one. Between these two images and above that last texture there are more:

  • The birds texture from this pack. Multiply / 100%
  • Now I put here the two polaroids but there is one more texture on top of the “original” main picture: this light leak whose owner I forgot again. Sorry, I’m a mess! Screen / 100%

5. Now, the text. First I want to highlight that this thing of placing the polaroids under the main picture and those textures above the duplicated one etc etc, well, I didn’t do it on purpose. Sometimes I just put them there and if they look alright that’s where they will stay lol

So the white font is Pacifico (Layer > Layer Style > Drop Shadow. Distance: 1 Spread: 0 Size: 0 Color: #bca4b3 Angle: 120 Opacity: 100%) and the other one is loremipsun in Soft Light.


6. Polaroid time! Frame I used (x) I resize it in its own canvas and then drag it to the header canvas. I cut it with the Polygonal Lasso Tool; very simple, don’t worry too much.
Now I open other picture of Jen, resize it too, sharpen and drag it to the header canvas. I place it under the polaroid layer in Normal 100% and I put the polaroid in Screen 100%.
The polaroid frame is white, and as it has been set as Screen, this white part is solid while the rest (which was black) is transparent. I cut the picture of Jen using the Polygonal Lasso Tool again; you don’t have to be very accurate, like there’s no need to cut exactly the edges of the polaroid shape because, as I said, the white borders are solid. You can see it in this picture.
Now, same with the other polaroid.

To be honest, I didn’t even bother on check the coloring of this last two pictures.
Everything goes below the adjustment layers I used for the coloring except the text layers.

Here is my layers panel in case you want to take a look.


Notice that I can only explain my way to make graphics, so my header doesn’t look exactly like the drunkandcoloring’s one. I hope you liked it tho, and at least learned a structure you can follow, even though you don’t add the same kind of textures as I do or make everything so ridiculously colourful.

To sump up, it is usual to place one big picture in the center of the canvas and put everything else around it, making that image look like the core of the header - because that is what it is. Also a good idea is typing a big layer of text and put it underneath the rest of the layers, filling the whole background of the graphic.

I don’t know what else to say! Feel free to send your examples if you try the tutorial and ask us for help or advice :)

Posted on Jun 02, 2013
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