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This may look difficult but it’s like the easiest thing in the world (if it wasn’t easy i wouldn’t have made 7 gifs lol).

How to put gifs inside shapes

  • Step 1. Make your gif as normal. You can sharpen all the layers at once, add an action and add the psd. If you don’t sharpen all the layers at once, select all the layers and frames and do this.If you don’t have that option I DON’T KNOW WHY, SO PLEASE DON’T ASK. Then go to Filter > Convert for Smart Filters
  • Step 2. Drag your shape over all the layers (x) and make sure it’s in the middle of the image (x). Then put it under all the layers (x).
  • Step 3. Select all the layers of the psd (x) and put them outside the psd folder (to do that you just have to drag them). Then if you want delete the empty folfer. So you layers window (x).
  • Step 4. Select all the layers except the template (x). Right click in the selected layers > Create clipping mask. Your layers window (x).
  • Step 5. Save for Web & Devices and that’s all! It’s so easy :)


  • If you want to do the shadow like in the 22 and Spiderman images, then just right click in the shape (after creating the clipping mask) > Blending options > Drop shadow and this settings (you can change them to your like, of course).


How to create the shapes

Well so you can create them using the default PS shapes or just searching images in Google.

To create them with PS you have to use these tools. Create a new transparent canvas (you can put whatever size you want) (x). Make sure the first color in the toolbar is black (x) and that the “Fill pixels” option in the topbar is selected (x). Then just select whatever shape you want and draw it (x) (x).

To create them with Google images just search for example “star shape”. This is how my image looks in PS. I want to delete the white background, so first of all i’m gonna cut the image. It looks like this. Then i’m gonna duplicate the “Background” layer because it’s locked and i can’t do anything with it. Right click > Duplicate layer and delete the other one (x). Now i’m gonna click in the Magin Wand tool (x) and i’m gonna click in the white background. It will be selected, so i’m gonna go to Edit > Clear and ta-daa! Done! (x)

And of course, you can use numbers and letters as shapes, just make them big and everything should work fine.

That’s all! Hope this helped and if it did then please like the post :)

Posted on Apr 22, 2013
Tagged: #tutorial #tutorials #gif tutorial #photoshop tutorial #our tutorials #by adriana #stuff #adobe photoshop #pscs5 #photoshop cs5

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