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it's photoshop
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  • Requested by Anonymous.
  • I use Photoshop CS5.
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In this tutorial, I’ll tell you what you should or shouldn’t do to make your photos look quality. Hope this helps :)

When you’re going to change the size of a picture you have to go to Image > Image size or Image > Canvas size. Also, when you go to Image size, ps doesn’t let you change the height and the width at the same time, you have to change one of them, and the other one will change automatically. After you change one, you have to go to Image > Canvas size and change the other one, so the image will be cut and won’t get deformed.

Also remember: never use the Free transform tool without clicking SHIFT while you apply it and always drag the points in the corners (not the ones in the sides of the box) or your images will look deformed, like this

In Tumblr you can’t use any size for your pictures. The widths can be 500px, 245px or 160px [example]. The heights can be whatever you want (well, I think there’s a limit but I don’t know it).

You have to use HQ pictures, specially when your pictures are going to have 500px of width. If your pictures are going to have 245px or 160px of width you can use smaller pictures, but they have to look good.

To find HQ pictures of celebrities, bands, or whatever, Google “name of the celebrity gallery” and you will find a lot. You can also search in Zimbio, JustJared and JustJaredJr, Celebutopia, HomeOfTheNutty (for screencaps) and Google images.

About the sharpening, I recommend this settings if you only what to sharpen the pictures. If you change the radius to 0,4px in my opinion it looks oversharpened [x].

People don’t really like Topaz lately, so I wouldn’t use it if I was you. Anyways, here you have a post on how to install it and use it.

Actions are really trendy right now. Check our actions tag if you wanna download some. I always use the original one in this post (it’s the one I used in the pictures above). Here you have a post on how to use them.

The psd is very important. When you  apply a psd, maybe it won’t look good in your picture. But you can always change that psd until you like it. For example, if the psd looks too orange you have to make invisible [x] the layers one by one to find which one makes the picture orange and delete it or change its opacity. If the picture looks too bright you can change the opacity of the Curves or Brightness/contrast (those are the layers that add brightness) or change them to your like in the Adjustments window. If it’s too dark I always add a Brightness/contrast layer (Layer > New Adjustment layer > Brightness/contrast) at the end of the psd and increase the brightness. Just remember that if the psd doesn’t look good, you can always change it. You have to investigate a little about the Adjustment layers but it’s so easy.

Luckily pictures with many colors aren’t trendy in Tumblr now, so you don’t have to die making a psd. Check our /vintage tag to download the psds that most people use now.

In the images above i made the psds myself, but they’re so simple, they have only 2 or 3 layers.

  • In the 1st one I added a black&white Gradient map (Layer > New Adjustment layer > Gradient map), I changed from “Normal” to “Soft light”, and then I changed the opacity. It adds a lot of contrast in the picture, but I like how it looks.
  • In the 2nd one I added a Brightness/contrast layer and changed both settings (brightness = 30; contrast = 50), a Vibrance layer to bring out the colors (50)  and a b&w Gradient map and changed to “Soft light” (opacity = 40%).
  • In the 3rd picture I did the same as the 2nd but with more vibrance and more contrast.
  • In the 4th picture i added a normal b&w gradient and another one in “Soft light”.

You see with simple things the pictures change a lot.

This is all that comes to mind mind now?? I don’t know what else I can tell you, so I hope you find the tutorial useful and please like the post if you did :) Tell me if you have any doubts, or if you think I should add something ^^

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