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It doesn’t take me as long to make them as it took for me to write this is what’s really sad.

The way I start is by finding a raw HQ picture (usually on and putting it in PS. Some people take images from tumblr but those are the flower crowns that don’t look quite right. From the picture you choose you kinda know the shape of the flower crown you’ll need to find. So I find a flower crown (usually on someone’s head already) on Google and paste it on top.

Then I trace the crown with the pen tool. It looks like this: image. Most people use the magic wand and select everything that isn’t a crown but I think it makes the edges look choppy (thank you Sofie for introducing me to this I’m in love). This tool takes a while to use, though, so you might want to just use the magic wand.

When you’ve completed the trace, click image and then set the feather to 1:


Invert your selection [Select>Inverse] and delete everything so you’re left with only a flower crown. (You might have to move the layer and delete some stuff that wasn’t within the confines of the canvas if your crown picture was bigger than your boy picture.)

Now, set your tool to Move (image)and move the crown into place. Resize it and rotate it until it looks right. It’s okay if you have to make the crown a bit bigger, but if you can shrink the image underneath to fit and keep it at least 500px wide, that might be better. You can warp it a little if you have to but that almost always looks silly so I usually use the eraser to get rid of odd flowers.

Now, the most important step, I think. You need to make the crown look like it belongs on the raw image. This is why a lot of crowns look out of place, because people don’t do this. For this process I use direct adjustments [Image>Adjustments] on the crown instead of adjustment layers because you’d need to use a mask to keep the image of the boy underneath unaffected and masks are a pain to move.

I usually stick to an Exposure adjustment, a Curve adjustment, and a Hue/Saturation adjustment. It’s not something I can really explain how to do, you just have to tinker with the crown until it looks at least somewhat natural.

After this, use adjustment layers over everything to give the picture the effect you want. If you don’t know adjustment layers, there are some tutorials on

Now, some things you might find frustrating.

The crown’s blurry while the picture is HQ:

Option 1: Use a low-radius Gaussian Blur [Filters>Blur>Gaussian Blur] on the HQ image until it looks right.
Option 2: Sharpen and then Gaussian Blur the crown.
Option 3: Add a little noise to the crown and then Gaussian Blur it. I’ve done this a few times I don’t even know if it’s a good idea it probably isn’t but hey 20k notes.

The flower crown is too sharp/high quality for the image:

Gaussian Blur.

The lighting is different on the crown than the image:

I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who cares about this, but if it’s really obvious or you share my pains, Use the dodge tool (image) where the light is supposed to hit and the burn tool (under the arrow of the dodge tool, looks like this image) where there is supposed to be shadow.

Ahaha I feel so bad about the length of this. I expect a burning bag of dog poop on my doorstep within the week.

Feel free to like/reblog this if it helped you. And tag me in your flower crown edits! I love them!

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