it's photoshop, Could you explain how to do such a gif transition ? evewillow*tumblr*com/post/46819601001 Thank you so much!!
it's photoshop
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Could you explain how to do such a gif transition ? evewillow*tumblr*com/post/46819601001 Thank you so much!!

I’m making a tutorial rn, I’ll post it tomorrow ^^

I was making the tutorial and tumblr decided to suddenly delete 90% of the text of the post idk why so I’m as mad as hell right now. I’m going to explain right here *cries*

HOW TO DO THIS TRANSITION (x) *cries again*



(applying it once or twice)

psd i used (x)

The transition is very similar to this. You have to make your gif without converting to smart objects. Your gif needs to have two scenes (or more) in it. So there’ll be a “place” in the animation (frames) window where both scenes “touch each other” (x); select then the last frame of the first scene and the first frame of the second one. Click on the tween icon and enter these settings:


Change the time delay to more or less half of the amount you have already set; i.e. I set 0’08 seconds in the rest of the frames, so in this new six frames I set 0’04.

Now select the first frame of these new six frames and the first layer of the second scene in the layers panel in the layers panel and set the opacity of this layer to 100% (x) Select the second frame and change the opacity (of the same layer) again until this layer is 100% opacity in all those six frames.

This is what happens:


We can do the same with the transition between the second scene and the first: select the first and the last layers in the animation window and click on the tween button again, same settings; the new six frames will appear at the end and you’ll have to change opacity of the last layer in the layers panel to 100%.


Notice that this gif is kinda sort; this is because I had to delete some layers: have in mind before starting that you are going to add six or twelve frames (depending on if you apply the transition once or twice) during the process so the gif will weigh more. Anyways, my size limit in this post is 1MB and in the photo posts is 2MB, so.

And that’s it :)

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