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GIF Tutorial: Two gifs in one

This tutorial explains how to combine two individual gifs into one like this:


(requested by blackorchid)

This is the first time I’m making a tutorial for Photoshop CS4, so if there’s something that I’ve not adequately explained or is confusing, feel free to ask me to clarify! :)

The following assumes that you already know how to make basic gifs.

STEP 1: Preparation

Have the two gifs that you want to put together open in photoshop.  

Make sure that they’re both the same width so that they will match up when combined. The sizes of mine are 245x160px and 245x90px.  Both gifs need to have the same number of frames. It doesn’t matter how many it is, just that they’re the same (though obviously the more it is, the more likely it is that it will be too big for tumblr at the end).

For both gifs, also make sure that you’ve flattened the frames into layers:

STEP 2: 

Open a blank document that is 245 x 260 px. The height of mine is 260px because it’s the sum of the heights of the two gifs we’re combining, plus an additional 10px for the space that will be in between them.

Go to the first gif and select all of the frames:

Once all the frames are selected, copy them:

Go back to your blank document, and paste in the frames:

A little box will pop up and you should make sure that PASTE OVER SELECTION is selected and click OK.


Repeat steps 3-4 for the second, smaller gif of Ygritte.
Once you’ve completed this, the second gif will be pasted on top of the first one and it will look like this:

Now we need to adjust the position of the smaller gif. To do this, make sure that all the animation frames are selected. Next, go to the layer box and select all of the layers of only the smaller gif of Ygritte that needs to be moved down.

Next, drag the smaller gif down to the bottom. Because all of the right layers and frames are selected, you should only have to drag it once for all of the frames to be edited correctly.


Finally, select frame 1, then go to the layer box and scroll all the way to the bottom until you get to the layer called “background”. Click on the little eye to make it disappear.

(Step 7 could have been avoided if in step 2 when you open the blank document, you set background contents to transparent. This is something I’m just remembering at the end of making this and don’t feel like going back to change. XD)


This is really only a skeleton tutorial, but hopefully somebody finds it useful. :)
Posted on Mar 07, 2013
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