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How to add light leaks to pictures

Tutorial requested by leodicapriio
I use Photoshop CS5
Examples: (x) (x) (x) More examples inside


  • Step 1. Choose a picture and make it black and white. You can find some psds under our tag /b&w.
  • Step 2. Open a light texture and drag it to the picture canvas. There you can modify its size it by using Edit > Free Transform or Edit > Transform. Find some light textures (now called light leaks) here -  always like the post if you take!
  • Step 3. You can change the texture color by going Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation and moving the Hue arrow; you can play with the Saturation too (this is how bright the color will be). Then put the texture in Screen (you can try other blending modes too).

And that’s it! Move the texture etc etc; you can even add more than one. These are my shitty examples:




Posted on Feb 28, 2013
Tagged: #tutorial #tutorials #photoshop tutorial #graphic tutorial #by paula #our tutorials #stuff #light textures

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