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Text made of text.
  • Anonymous asked how to make this.
  • I use Photoshop CS5.
  • Please like the post if you think the tutorial has been useful.
  • Final result:


I’m not gonna make a graphic because i’m too lazy but here you have the tipying thing.

  • So first of all make a really long text like this:


  • My font is Homestead. Don’t make the text really big (my size is 18). You have to make the text look all together and tight. To do that go to Window > Character and change this:


  • Of course you don’t have to put that numbers. You have to select the text or it won’t work. Just change it until it looks tight.
  • Also you can go to Window > Paragraph and justify the text (i didn’t do it in my case):


  • Now you have to make a big text, with one or two letters or numbers (my font size=320).


  • Now select the long text in the Layers Window > right click > Rasterize Type. After this step you can’t change the long text.
  • Now select the big text and select the Reqtangular Marquee Tool: 


  • Right click in the big text (in the photo, not in the layers window) > Load Selection > OK.
  • Right click in the photo > Select inverse. Select the long text in the Layers Window and go to Edit > Clear.
  • Right click in the photo > Deselect.  Delete the big text.

that’s all!! Now put it in your graphic (or make it in the graphic) Hope this helped!

Posted on Jan 22, 2013
Tagged: #tutorial #tutorials #graphic tutorial #photoshop tutorial #photoshop #adobe photoshop #stuff #our tutorials #by adriana

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