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Blog dedicated to Photoshop and Tumblr resources. You will find psds, textures, themes, tutorials and much more. Run by adriana and paula and created on August 24th 2012. Please, check the faq before asking any questions .

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psd #1

i’ve gotten asks for the coloring of this set, so i decided to share :-)

*adjustments will be necessary (the curves layer is set to auto, and the auto adjustment will vary from scene to scene)

*please like if using! [x]



dimensions: 500x230px

how to use: open your selected template as layers > set template to lighten only > open and scale your images to fit > done!

PSD #14 → pastel colors (download)

  • please, like if you use, don’t redistribute, enjoy! 
  • (some adjustments may be needed)
  • psds blog x
Colour Balance Tutorial - Using Curves by jackdonaghy

I generally colour balance using a curves layer and the black and white droppers — so I’m going to focus on that and how to balance shows like Orphan Black, Hannibal, and Sleepy Hollow that a lot of people have trouble colouring using just one Curves layer!

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400px posts
75px sidebar image
3 custom links
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Tutorial series: how to make graphics with opposites and inverted layers (Part 1)
  • tutorial by
  • inspired on these graphics (x) (x) (x)
  • difficulty: easy

I’m starting this series with some basic guidance about inverted layers! Besides, this tutorial contains a gradient maps guide! It was about time.

Find my own results under the cut.

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50 textures / download

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Graphic Tutorial #1 [how to do the cracky thing] by lostpuppyisaac


Many centuries ago, someone asked me if I could do a tutorial on how to do the like cracking, yellowy thing in this graphic and I’m only just getting to it because I am a piece of shit. 

so yeah this is actually super super easy, but i’m probably gonna make it seem hella complicated because i’m the worst at tutorials which is why i put this off for so long. Let’s begin!

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✿ PSD #209 by ohwowpsds ✿

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hello little boos! i reached my next goal so as i promised, i made a little gift for you all.

it’s only one psd, but it works on almost every scene, you’ll just have to play around with each adjustment layer a little or a bit more.

this is me saying thank you for tolerating my nonsense on your dashboard. i hope you’ll all like it.

likes and reblogs are appreciated.  (◕‿◕✿)

(fixed download)

(feel free to message me if there’s a problem with the link or you have any questions!!)

by teenwolfiz

Well, I received many requests to teach me about “how do I edit”, not really know why I think my edits are like all the others, but is here… click read more to see the tutorial steps (doing makeup, red lips, as well as coloring, etc..) sorry for my english

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Paradise - lp1 - lp2 / code / other themes

  • 920x600 header image
  • 6 custom links
  • 7 boxes

So I’ve decided to post another fansite theme for your use. I put two previews so you can see on first preview how it looks on my other blog (some parts are a bit different than in original coding) and what size the photos are on second preview. Like last time you need to change boxes’ content manually except the members box so you need to know about coding at least a bit. Don’t use this theme if you don’t know about HTML! I always work hard on my themes so please respect that and don’t steal parts from the coding, don’t use as base and don’t delete the credit or move it somewhere. If you have any questions about the theme ask them unanonymously, anon questions will be deleted. If you see that something doesn’t work properly please contact with me. Thanks for using my theme and enjoy! :)


So I found a thing you can use to test out colours and make palettes I guess

it’s hella cool dude so try it uwu


Bang Bang! Theme #5 by highgayden ↴

Static Preview | Code

  • 3 customizable links
  • no customizable sidebar image
  • shooting gun title animation
  • looks best with a short title and description
  • made using base code by farahmir

like/reblog if using, thank you!

if there are problems message me! 


003.psd by DEMICOLORING (DL)
  • don’t steal or repost as your own.
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  • thank you and enjoy.