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Blog dedicated to Photoshop and Tumblr resources. You will find psds, textures, themes, tutorials and much more. Run by adriana and paula and created on August 24th 2012. Please, check the faq before asking any questions .

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.psd #030, if you download, like or reblog. download here
 You can request more psds here


theme 25 - nocturne by melodypcnd

preview & code

500px posts and a full-screen width header

4 preset icon links: home, ask, a popup, and archive

popup contains your description and 4 customizable extra links

this was my latest previous theme yeee

more links: my themestheme networksupport

please like/reblog if using! enjoy (◡‿◡✿)


  • Includes: Code Geass
  • Contains b/w gradient.
  • Edit as much as you want.
  • Like or reblog if you are downloading.
  • Please don’t redistribute or claim as your own.


  • Don’t copy this psd or any other resource. The only thing I ask is a like or reblog if you download, respect our work. Psds piece here or view all psds here 

theme 1 by dirtycute

live preview here
code here
option of 400 px or 500 px posts
keep description 2-3 lines
don’t remove credit or claim as your own
like/reblog if using

random type~ dear joe~ night still comes~ ghost of mars~ smile parade~ rosewood


PSD file #002 Like or reblog if you download, please (It’s very important). Adjust the layers if you need. Download: here


preview / code

people have been asking for this theme for a while um sorry i’m sooo late in releasing it but anyway here it is, it’s got lazy load, up to 5 custom links and 4 picture links, hover over posts for tags and info, like or reblog if using don’t steal the codes etc

so new tags:
  • fansite themes (not exactly header themes; the /header tag still exists. these themes have larger sidebars, widgets, etc)
  • themed themes

Thanks to everyone who answered our modpost from yesterday <3

psd #302 by CAPS-COLOR {download mf or cl}
info » yellowish pastel psd for gifs. it should work with both light and dark scenes, you just have to adjust the layers (especially layers named ADJUST). please like/reblog this post if you download. don’t repost and don’t claim as your own. feel free to ask anything!



Like or reblog 
Don’t repost or claim as your own 


Guys, how do you call those themes that are used in Tumblr Fansites Networks whatever you call them? Like in here or here? I know they have a name but I forgot which name it was? hahaha I want to add a tag.



p r e t t y  o d d;

faq page: page #04 by maliatatertot

↳ static preview // pastebin // freetexthost

f e a t u r e s
  • customisable title
  • description box
  • 5 custom links
t e r m s  o f  u s e
  • keep credit intact
  • don’t redistribute as your own
  • don’t use as a base code
  • like/reblog if using

if you have trouble editing the code just send me a message and i would be happy to help troubleshoot with you

+more codes by maliatatertot


Theme 42: Customize | Tumblr by mandrakescry
↳ preview | code wait for 5 seconds and click “skip ad”

  • title
  • description
  • pop up navigation
  • 5 custom links
  • 500px posts
  • loading page
  • DON’T remove the credit
  • Please LIKE/REBLOG if you use this. (or if you like it)
  • Any questions can be asked here

+ check out the tardis networkthe theme gang and my partners page for some amazing thememakers


  • Reblog/like if you download.
  • Add layers if you need.

Download: cl