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Blog dedicated to Photoshop and Tumblr resources. You will find psds, textures, themes, tutorials and much more. Run by adriana and paula and created on August 24th 2012. Please, check the faq before asking any questions .

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theme 4 by awzoella - Beacon

  • 245px sidebar
  • 4 custom links
  • do not remove credit, steal, or use as a base i actually worked hard on this and i want to be credited
  • like/reblog if using please
  • feel free to ask questions i will try my best to help !!
  • live preview } { code1 } { code 2 }


.psd #033, if you download, like or reblog. download here
 You can request more psds here


Hi guys it’s shaymsource. I just created this blog and need some more members to run it. If you love Shay Mitchell like me please be a member of this blog. For more information go here. Bye! xx

As a thank you for 2,000 followers here is a Castle PSD pack! You may need to adjust some layers for different scenes. Once again, thank you so much for 2,000 awesome followers. You guys are the best and I love you all a lot.

You can download the pack here.

Alright alright alright!

Since you guys have been liking my new coloring, I thought it was time for a new PSD!

This is a sort of pastelish PSD that you can (only) apply on gifs. As you can see, it works pretty well on TV shows such as Teen Wolf, True Detective, Once Upon a Time  but also on animations movies. 


  • You should rather use it on semi-light, semi-dark scenes. (like the unedited gifs above)
  • I added a lot of indications in the PSD (like how/why/where you can adjust it to make it better in function of the gif)
  • Don’t redistribute or claim as your own
  • Like/reblog if you’re using please! It would be highly appreciated :)
  • MF


This is psd number 121 by fckingps, please like or reblog if you download, they inspire us to make more ;) download


THEME 21.0 - Precious

preview | code


  • square sb image
  • updates tab
  • second desc
  • second title
  • extra links in second desc (opt)
  • 5 customizable links
  • borders
  • small cursor
  • 400px posts
  • notes on display at the side


  • please like or reblog if you’re using!!
  • do not claim as your own
  • please please please don’t remove the credit
  • message me if you have any inquiries! 

flawless base code by meliapond

Hi this is the psd 11 made by arescoloring! I hope you like the effect!Please don’t claim as your own and if you downloaded like or reblog. Enjoy!! xx

How to make a text look like this:


  • Tutorial by itsphotoshop
  • Please like/reblog the post if it was useful
  • I used Photoshop CS5

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                            new tutorials page + ask re-opened

finally! we’ve been working on this for three days straight and i’m exhausted but here it is. as you may imagine by now, our #1 goal consists on creating a clearer and easier to use tutorials page over and over and over. we understand you were used to the other one already…  but i think it is better to organize things by columns and boxes - visually speaking, and i created this one to be functional for us too, regarding to answer questions, so. whatever. hope you like it! oh and it’d be cool if you read the first four rows? right before the first tutorials-title? :D and feel free to send some feedback: do you like the colors, the fonts, etc? too bright, too weird, too wtf?

and we are also opening both ask boxes - for private messages use the one in and for anonymous go here.

the submit box is already opened too. we have been checking our tag daily but currently we have a 90+ queue so be patient (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧

oh and hope you enjoyed our last resource pack :) summer is almost over… let’s cry together!



tutorials page here!


Theme #5: Pacific Rim - code || live preview (temporary) || static preview

  • 6 links
  • 400px posts
  • hover tags
  • customizable colors
  • 230px sidebar image

like/reblog if using


This psd was made especially for TV SHOWS screencaps and contains an optional psd, you may need to adjust some layers. Please, don’t steal or claim as your own and don’t forget to like/reblog this post if you are downloading. Download here!

psd #4

  • Looks good on various films and shows.
  • Don’t Repost.
  • Layers might need some adjusting to work on some scenes.
  • Like and/or Reblog if you download, for your own reference.
  • Download mf.

Clocks Everywhere Texture Pack by A Cup of Resources

  • 6 textures of 1000x1000px
  • Please like/reblog if you’re downloading!
  • download
  • credit


.psd #040, if you download, like or reblog. download here
 You can request more psds here